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Report: FinTech meetups by HUKI

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About the industry

In the last couple of years technology has reshaped business as usual that financial industry once knew. Enormous progress in technology has created new opportunities in financial services and brought us the FinTech industry. Because of the disruptive uprising of technology in finance, the financial sector has become one of the most dynamic industries in the world. Old players in the finance market like banks have to adapt to secure their existence on the market. Banks have started to adapt, but will it be enough?

How banks are adapting to disruptive innovation

First Fintech Meetup

To keep pace with new trends Croatian office for creativity and innovation (HUKI) decided to organize FinTech MeetUp Zagreb. It represents series of events aimed to connecting people from various backgrounds and industries that share one interest, technology in the finance industry.

First FinTech MeetUp was held in famous café Ritam grada in Zagreb in November 2016 where professionals from financial industry, entrepreneurs, bankers, techies, bitcoin enthusiasts and students had opportunity to network and exchange opinions and ideas.

This year has brought us first publication on the topic. the FinTech in CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) region report by Lan Filiipič, Deloitte. The publication provides an overview of financial services industry it also illustrates potential business opportunities for FinTech companies. Furthermore the report estimates the size of the market in 9 CEE countries.

Meetup @ HUB385

Second Meetup

Our second MeetUp started with the presentation of FinTech in CEE region report that was followed by a panel discussion. The panel discussion looked into the top trends that are reshaping the finance industry today.

Fintech Report HUKI MEetup
Presentation of the Report

Panelists that discussed different topics in the industry ranging from open banking and financial inclusion to blockchain were:

After a short discussion there was a great deal of networking among more than 70 professionals from financial industry, techies, bitcoin enthusiasts and students.