In today’s world, where social problems are ubiquitous, young innovators and entrepreneurs stand out as a force that brings change. Their creativity, enthusiasm and commitment enable them to work to solve important social issues and make a positive impact on the community. Such young people are the finalists Social Impact Award program (SIA) , which recognizes and rewards the most innovative ideas with the aim of creating positive changes in society.


Among this year’s registered SIA projects , the 10 most promising young future entrepreneurs with ideas of social significance stood out. Meet the finalists and their ideas below:


  1. Michi Community : Ani Einwalter and Antonia Kurtović are developing the Michi app, which provides a supportive and safe environment to improve the mental health of young people.


  1. Kitchen3D: Veronika Fruk proposes a hologram virtual chef that enables interaction with guests and improves the hospitality experience.


  1. Arden: Simon Seifert, Lovro Dundović and Nirmal Karl Hadžić develop a smart vase that facilitates growing plants inside the home and encourages environmental awareness.


  1. Green Stay Croatia: Ines Kovačić wants to develop an online platform for sustainable tourism, enabling travelers to choose sustainable accommodation and supporting environmental responsibility.


  1. ReWaste: Patricija Vlajčić and Toma Vlajčić deal with the excessive amount of waste and propose cooperation with the authorities and organizations for the collection of plastic, sorting and preparation of waste with the number 2 label for recycling, the establishment of recycling facilities and the development of sustainable products from recycled plastic.


  1. CO2 wall: Ivan Martinović suggests installing a wall with plants to reduce the level of CO2 in the air and improve air quality.


  1. Bracelet for the forgetful: Valentina Bešker is developing a bracelet connected to an application that provides users with reminders of basic needs such as taking enough water, medicine and physical activity.


  1. Međimurje grandchildren’s club: Barbara Vrčić, Margareta Kamenar and Žana Marie Munda want to organize workshops and gatherings for the elderly in order to reduce social isolation.


  1. Compensation of disturbances in color perception using algorithms for digital image processing: Leonarda Gjenero is developing an algorithm that enables people with visual impairments to recognize colors.


  1. Pawsome Adventures: Alesa Hajsov focuses on providing support to seniors, people with disabilities and their dogs during travel and activities at rental properties.


We wish all the finalists good luck at the end of the competition and a successful continuation of the development of their impressive ideas that promote inclusion, socially responsible business and sustainably useful solutions, as well as digitalization of processes and innovations in various industrial branches.



You can read more about the Social Impact Award program at the link:

Social Impact Award Croatia – Empowering youth to make a difference