A project that has the power to encourage young people and open the door to entrepreneurship and innovation

It is about the Growing Youth Potential (GYP) project, which is financed within the Erasmus+ program by the European Union.

Its goal is to design a comprehensive program for young people from the NEET population (youth who are neither involved in education nor employed) with a focus on learning entrepreneurial skills and developing their entrepreneurial ideas. This year is crucial because the program is implemented in five different countries: Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia and Romania.

Six organizations are participating in the project, which are dedicated to the development of youth and entrepreneurship and work together to achieve the goals of the GYP project:

Significant results have already been achieved so far

  • Entrepreneurship program was established, which is implemented from April to October 2023.
  • A mentoring manual has been prepared for experts who will take on the role of mentors in the program.
  • To make it easier for participants to access useful articles, materials and applications for business ideas, we have created an innovative online platform.
  • The visual identity of the project was also designed to reflect the energy and creativity of the young people involved in GYP.

Transnational meeting in Slovenia

One of the key moments of the project was our transnational meeting in Slovenia, which was attended by nine people from partner organizations, in June 2023.

During the meeting, the focus was on post-launch coordination, providing an opportunity for all consortium member organizations to present, discuss and provide feedback on the launch of the programme.

The partners also discussed governance, dissemination and other important issues of the project.

More about the ending

And while the GYP project is coming to an end, in November 2023. Multiplier events will be held that have a special goal – to spread information and results of the implemented educational program to the general public. The participation of young people, experts who work with young people, entrepreneurs, decision makers and investors is expected in order to share the value brought by the project and encourage further support and cooperation.

The Growing Youth Potential project is truly an exceptional initiative that empowers young people and opens the door to entrepreneurship. Its purpose is not only to educate young people, but also to create a stimulating environment in which their entrepreneurial ideas will flourish and become reality. Through the Erasmus+ program, the European Union strives to empower young people and enable them to realize their full potential.

Growing Youth Potential – a project that connects, educates and encourages young people on the way to realizing their dreams. The future is theirs, and we support them along the way.

The project “Growing Youth Potential” is implemented within the Erasmus+ program KA2 which isfunded by the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of Croatia Office of Creativity and Innovation.