What is Strateg+?

Strateg+ is a training and cooperation activity (Training and Cooperation Activities – TCA) for the Erasmus+ program. The three-day activity (October 19-October 21) in Helsingborg was organized by the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society in cooperation with the Swedish Council for Higher Education .

Numerous experts from various fields, organizations and institutions participated

The training was attended by a considerable number of participants who implement Erasmus+ KA2 projects in various areas: for youth, schools, craftsmen and adults. More than 50 experts from various European countries and institutions joined: non-profit organizations, schools, colleges, companies and regional and government institutions, which gave everyone an excellent opportunity for cross-sectoral acquaintance and development of new ideas. HUKI was represented at the training by our project manager for EU projects, Blanka Hlad.


An opportunity to learn, connect and develop

At Strateg+, we worked to increase the quality of the implementation of the strategic and collaborative partnership program through peer-to-peer learning, exchange of good experiences and group work on pressing issues related to the implementation of KA2 projects. We touched on parts such as project management, transversal activities, intellectual outputs, impact measurement, dissemination activities, digital tools and partnership cooperation.
In addition, the training was attended by colleagues from the Swedish and Croatian National Agencies who, with their knowledge and experience, tirelessly answered all the questions of the participants and provided their support in any doubts that arose.

This activity helped us greatly in understanding KA2 projects, but also in creating a new base of partners for future projects!

We thank the National Agency for Mobility and Programs of the European Union for the support in participating in the activities, and more about TCA activities can be found in the guide for applicants .