On Friday, the 30 September 2022 a conference was held on the topic: “Why social entrepreneurship and how to succeed with your entrepreneurial idea? ” with which we put an end to the project ” Fair share model of development of social entrepreneurship among young people “, which was co-financed from the European Social Fund within the Operational Program “Effective Human Potential” in 2014. – 2020 The total value of the project is HRK 627,613.76

For many years, HUKI has been working on projects and programs related to the education of young people about social entrepreneurship and the development of their social-entrepreneurial ideas. Therefore, it was natural for us, within the entire project and the conference itself, to focus on the development of social-entrepreneurial stories and, accordingly, to include the fair-share business model.

Final conference of the project “Fair share model of development of social entrepreneurship among young people”

The whole concept of the final conference of the project was designed in such a way that, with the help of experts who were guests at the conference, we would bring social entrepreneurship as close as possible to the participants – as a new, modern and very achievable way of doing business, but also to present the results of the project itself, which lasted for two years.

Conference program ” Why social entrepreneurship and how to succeed with your entrepreneurial idea?

Conference ” Why social entrepreneurship and how to succeed with your entrepreneurial idea?” opened by Teodor Petričević , is an expert in social economy and civil society with more than 20 years of work experience gained in building civil society organizations in the region. Also, Teodor has more than 10 years of experience in social business/enterprise development. In his introductory lecture, he explained to the participants in more detail social entrepreneurship and its importance in the business of modern entrepreneurs.

After the introductory part by Teodor Petričević, we presented the entire project “Fair share model of development of social entrepreneurship among young people”, and highlighted the most important facts:

  • The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund, and HUKI is starting to implement the two-year project at the end of 2020. .
  • Through the project, we managed to educate 77 unemployed members of the association in various fields.
  • We organized 11 one-day informative workshops throughout Croatia in cooperation with other associations.
  • We included social entrepreneurship in the statute of the association and created a marketing plan for the promotion of the service, which we presented at a total of 4 national events throughout Croatia and online.
  • During the implementation of the project, we were constantly supported by the National Foundation for the Development of Civil Society.

Panel discussion on the topic “How to spin your own story about social entrepreneurship?” followed the presentation of the project, attended by Gordana Ćorić, who was also the moderator of the panel. She is proud trainer, mentor, researcher and program/project manager and professor at VERN’ University. Along with Gordana as moderator, there were also three panelists in front of the audience: Filip Brničević, founder and president of the OAZA association and co-founder of the social enterprise OAZA Joyful Kitchen; Erica Svetec, master’s degree in environmental engineering and head of a group of projects dealing with the digital evolution of energy in the direction of energy communities; you Ante Martić, Head of the Department for Support and Information on EU Programs, National Foundation for the Development of Civil Society.

One of the goals of the conference was to educate participants on how to succeed with their entrepreneurial idea and how to adapt it. Fair Share business model. About the whole topic “Fair share of the business model” , said one on one Ana Peček Miljković, expert in the preparation and implementation of EU projects, with an emphasis on social entrepreneurship projects of entrepreneurs and civil society organizations financed from EU sources.

Also, one of the guest lecturers was Raphael Maraton , who represented the Felloz fundraising platform. Raphael is the co-founder of the Felloz platform , which includes the use of fundraising tools for non-profit organizations. Felloz is digitizing the fundraising process to make it more efficient, so that more finances can be used for positive social change.

Networking program

In addition to the fact that at the very beginning of the conference, all participants received goodie bags made by Humana Nova , and everyone also had the opportunity to participate in a prize giveaway where we distributed a basket full of products from the social enterprise KopriVITA.

Finally, as with most conferences, a networking program was organized with an appropriate snack where the participants could taste delicious snacks prepared by the social enterprise Oaza Joyful Kitchen . In addition to the snack itself, the time was used for all participants, as well as guest lecturers, to get to know each other, connect and exchange contacts.

Despite the fact that this project has ended, at HUKI we still intend to work on social entrepreneurship and we hope that in the near future it will become more the rule, rather than the exception, of modern business.