The third edition of LEAP Women has ended: “Faith in yourself and your abilities is the main weapon of every woman, as well as man”

On Friday, 26. The third edition of the STEM – LEAP Women Entrepreneurship Conference was held in Kaptol Boutique Cinema on October 1, led by 11 strong female names from the world of banking, finance, gamification, digitalization and marketing.


inspirational lectures

From the President of the Management Board of RBA Liana Keserić through the Director of Network Management and IT Services at A1 Croatia Antonija Kujundžić Velimirović to the Member of the Management Board and Chief Financial Officer of Pliva Nikola Dizdar Čehulić, the motivated three-digit audience learned more about career breakthroughs, work-life balance and global development opportunities. environment.

“Faith in yourself and your abilities is the main weapon of every woman, as well as a man. And while we can all differ in many qualities, if we constantly nurture mutual respect, openness and listening, excellent business results will be achieved, but also wonderful collaborations growing beyond the dimensions of the business sphere of life. It was a real honor to be among the excellent speakers, but also a wonderful audience full of good energy! ”, Said Kujundžić Velimirović under the impression after giving a lecture on“ What have I learned so far in my career adrenaline park? ”. Apart from them, they had lectures Lora Pleško and Marina Grljušić from the initiative Mentoring Byte , Director of Cognite Academy and our award-winning gamification expert Snježana Šlabek, Executive Director of the Economy, Business and Spatial Information Systems Sector of the IN2 Group Sanja Svilokos, Head of User Experience and Digital at EY Croatia Ida Pandur , Head of Micro Entrepreneurship at HBOR Mirela Đuran, founder of Shhhefice and personal branding expert Tanja Džido and business psychologist Ivana Conjar .

perspectives of versatile women entrepreneurs

The aim of the conference was to point out women as leaders and role models in various industries, which can be an example for young women who want to develop a career in these areas.

With the third edition of LEAP Women, we fulfilled the set goal – we shared the perspectives of versatile women entrepreneurs and encouraged those who need this little “push” to step into the business world without negotiating their own values . We are satisfied with the response of the male and female audience, and especially with the proactive curiosity of the participants within the informal part of the conference “, said the organizers from the Croatian Office for Creativity and Innovation . The audience was led through the all-day event at Kaptol Boutique Cinema by the famous MC and stand-up comedian Goran Vugrinec , and with witty announcements the speakers brought smiles to the faces of everyone in the hall.