He finished 11. TEDxZagreb: More than 200 visitors gathered at the largest TEDx event in Croatia and heard ideas worth spreading

On Friday, 15. October, the 11th TEDxZagreb was held in Zagreb with the theme “Vision of the Future” . The event was moderated by experienced host Alek El-Kazal, and a total of 12 speakers shared their ideas worth spreading on the stage of the largest TEDx event in Croatia in front of more than 200 visitors to Avant Garden.

“The theme of this year’s edition imposed itself, and the full hall throughout the working day confirmed that we were right with the choice. Our speakers prepared their speeches with the mentors for several weeks, and they have met the expectations of the TEDx stage. We are ready to justify the size of the next TEDx edition in 2022. year with new speakers and the expectations of the audience that they will hear ideas worth spreading “, said the organizers from the Croatian Office for Creativity and Innovation.

12 speakers – 12 ideas

Among this year’s speakers were a university professor and a scientist Bojan Jerbić , who successfully explained whether robots can be smarter than us, and the director of BioVega Jadranka Boban Pejić revealed what food is for the future. Lawyer and passionate advocate of artificial intelligence Marijana Šarolić Robić explained that in the world of artificial intelligence there is a place for everyone under one condition, and a graduate journalist and public relations consultant Andrea Tintor shared the idea of creating reality based on fiction.

From psychologist Mirna Šmidt , the audience could hear more about the idea of a fulfilled life in the future, and neuroscientist from the Croatian Institute for Brain Research Dinko Smilović shattered myths about the capacity of our learning.

The vice-president of the Croatian Association for Artificial Intelligence (CroAI), Hajdi Ćenan , took a step further by thinking about what the task of artificial intelligence would be in the future, followed by tech entrepreneur Boris Agatić.

End 11. The releases were marked by speeches by the founder and director of Good Game Global , Nikola Stolnik , who led the audience to think about the future of learning through video games, while professional ballerina Andrea Solomon shared her idea of how everyone can be a ballerina. In her speech “How to understand dogs”, dog trainer Ana Odak revealed more about understanding favorite quadrupeds, and former Assistant Minister of Science and current associate professor of FER and the man who brought the Internet to Croatia Predrag Pale tried to answer the question of who creates future.

Speeches available to everyone

All speeches 11. TEDxZagreb was published on the official TEDx YouTube channel , which has more than 32.5 million subscribers and brings together speeches with ideas worth spreading around the world, and currently the most watched TEDxZagreb video with more than 1.2 million views is that of Cristel Carrisi .

The biggest TEDx in Lijepa naša

TEDx has been operating in Croatia since 2010. when the first TEDxZagreb event was held, which makes it the oldest, largest and most popular TEDx event in Croatia.

The most famous global platform TEDx focused on ideas worth spreading in Zagreb on its 11th. The gathering brought together a community of passionate minds from the fields of robotics , blockchain, gaming, artificial intelligence, neuroscience , ballet and cynology . editions.

By the way, TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is the initial brand that initially included two annual conferences in America – TEDConference and TEDGlobal. Since 2009, he has started issuing licenses to third parties to organize independent so-called TEDx events that are fully planned and coordinated independently by different communities, and all TEDx events are implemented by TED rules . Obtaining a license is free of charge, but it is necessary to meet the criteria of organization and use of names and logos until the choice of speakers, sponsors, media relations, and the choice of the hall.