Another international project on entrepreneurial skills opens its doors to us! This time, it is about the “Little act – true change” project, which can not only give you the opportunity to participate in a youth exchange in Croatia, but can also direct you to the second part of the project, a seven-day trip to Georgia at the end of the year. Sounds good, right?


The Croatian Office for Creativity and Innovation invites everyone interested to participate in two international youth exchanges within the framework of the Erasmus+ project “Little act – true change” financed by the European Union!


These are seven-day youth exchanges that will bring together around 30 participants from six different countries:

  • Croatia
  • Germany
  • Portugal
  • Georgia
  • Ukraine
  • Slovakia

Who is the “Little act – true change” project intended for?

The project is intended for all young people who are interested in entrepreneurial skills. At each youth exchange, 4 people from each country will participate as participants between the ages of 18 and 30, and one person as a group leader without age limit.

All participants will have the opportunity to:

  • develop problem-solving and decision-making skills,
  • work on your communication patterns, teamwork, money management and public speaking skills,
  • prepare for employment,
  • increase self-efficacy and confidence,
  • get international experience and get to know other cultures,
  • receive an internationally recognized certificate for each youth exchange they participate in.

When and where?

In Croatia: Youth exchange will be held from 13. to 19. September 2022 in Stubički Toplice , in Hotel Matija Gubec. The participants will be able to come to the venue of the project the day before the start of the training, i.e. on the 12th. September, and return back to their countries the day after the end of the project, i.e. on the 20th. September.

In Georgia: Youth exchange will be held from 5 to 11 December 2022 in the city of Rustavi , scout center Rustavi. Participants will be able to arrive at the project venue the day before the start of the training, i.e. on the 4th. December, and return back to their countries the day after the end of the project, i.e. on the 12th. December.

Participation costs

Participation in the exchange is completely free , and all participants are provided with accommodation and food. Participants pay for their own transport to the project site (following the directive within the budget received from the EU, which differs for each country depending on the distance to the project site), but after submitting all proof of purchased tickets and participating in all activities, the same amount is returned to their bank accounts.

For more detailed information about the project you can access the following link:


Applications are open until the end of the seventh month at this link .

In case of any additional questions, feel free to contact us at !