“Little act, true change” is an international project on entrepreneurship co-financed by the European Union within the Erasmus+ program, which includes two youth exchanges.

The first youth exchange took place on the 13th. 9. until 19 9. 2022. in Croatia, while the exchange in Georgia was carried out from 4 12. until 12 12. 2022. 30 young people aged 18 to 30 from the following countries and organizations participated in each exchange:

Goal of a project

  • Point out the challenges and problems that young people face today.
  • Help young people develop entrepreneurial skills.
  • To empower young people and involve them in entrepreneurial activities.
  • Prepare young people for the labor market.

Why young people and why entrepreneurship?

Young people are the largest age group in search of a new job and for this reason are the most vulnerable group to be taken into account. Young people usually have little or no work experience required by the market and often lack the appropriate competencies. Also, there is a need to create and strengthen entrepreneurial skills among young people in order to strengthen the community and the culture of entrepreneurs.

Through entrepreneurship training , young people learn organizational skills, including time management, teamwork, leadership, marketing and interpersonal skills – all of which are highly transferable skills that employers are looking for.

How was the second part of the “Little act, true change” exchange in Georgia?

Of the total seven days we spent in the city of Rustavi, in Georgia, there was definitely no shortage of activities. We learned about social entrepreneurship in an inspiring and international environment; entrepreneurial skills; had hands-on tasks to turn theory into practice; we visited a socially responsible company; and how to successfully prepare for the labor market.

Some of the activities we carried out:

  • Games for strengthening teamwork
  • Learning about social entrepreneurship and how to build your own
  • Getting to know yourself: fears, expectations, contribution
  • Strengthening the skill of trust through the game “Eye contact improvisation”
  • Creative workshop: “What is needed to build a company?”
  • Workshop: How to present yourself via video
  • We visited a socially responsible company in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia
  • Workshop: How to successfully write a Europass CV and motivation letter
  • Workshop: How to make your own portfolio
  • Workshop: Simulation of a job interview
  • Workshop: Superpowers and soft skills
  • Leadership workshop

In addition to the many workshops we conducted, we had time to visit and meet Rustavi, and there was no shortage of fun either!

The next Erasmus+ project is being prepared and will arrive in March 2023. . 🙂

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Enjoy the photos below! 🙂




The project is implemented within the Erasmus + program co-financed by the European Union and which supports the development of knowledge and skills in the fields of education, training, youth and sports. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of the Croatian Office for Creativity and Innovation.

You can read more about the program here: https://ampeu.hr/erasmus