HUKI had the opportunity to organize 13.6. the first transnational meeting in the IncOn project, where partners from 6 different countries joined. What it was about, read below…

What is IncOn?

IncOn is an abbreviation of the full name “Inclusion is On” , and it is an international project in which the Croatian Office for Creativity and Innovation participates as a partner organization. The project is a strategic partnership financed by the European Union within the Erasmus+ program.

The goal of the project is to exchange experiences among the involved partners on different innovative forms of conducting activities with young people in the local environment, to learn how to make these activities more inclusive, and to create a toolkit that can be shared with other organizations in the future.

Transnational meeting

At the meeting in Zagreb, 14 representatives of organizations from Croatia, Finland, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Italy gathered. The meeting focused on more detailed planning of future events within the project that will be held in Hungary and the Czech Republic in 2023. and in Italy in 2024. . Each organization also shared ideas about multiplier events in their countries where they will present the results of the 2024 project. year, and where we are talking about various conferences and events for experts who work with young people. In addition, the graphic framework of the project was defined and a brainstorming session was held on the appropriate logo that could best convey the idea of the project visually.


Follow us for future news about this project, and all experts who work with young people will be given the opportunity to go to Italy for training!