Have you ever thought about how important it is for young people to develop their entrepreneurial skills, have more confidence and dare to dive into the entrepreneurial story? We fully agree with that, which is why we decided to implement a project for experts who work with young people, whose final product (besides knowledge and experience for all participants) was also a toolkit for promoting entrepreneurship among young people.

About the project itself

“Be enterprising – fostering entrepreneurial attitude in youngsters” is an Erasmus+ training that involved twenty experts who work with young people from six different countries: Estonia, Poland, Portugal, Germany, Austria and Croatia. The goal of the program was to train and improve the skills of people who work with young people in various spheres so that they feel competent to spread the entrepreneurial story among young people. Through a whole series of workshops, discussions and games, the participants shared their experiences about entrepreneurship in their countries, learned something about various aspects of entrepreneurship and learned numerous tools that they can use in further work with young people related to this topic.

You can read more about the experiences of the participants themselves and everything they learned at this link .

Toolkit for promoting entrepreneurship among young people

As one of the main products of the training, a toolkit was created that contains several basic informal tools that experts can use in working with young people to bring them closer to the concept of entrepreneurship.
What the toolkit contains:

  • brief information on promoting entrepreneurship
  • presentation with opportunities to develop entrepreneurial skills through various Erasmus+ projects
  • three informal activities in the form of games and simulations: Pitch Perfect, Copper Bottomed, Shokkinopoly
  • 4 tools for entrepreneurial self-reflection: Empathy Map, Scamper, Wheel of life, Ikigai

The toolkit can be accessed here: