In the era of increasing climate change, society and industries have entered a new reality where sustainability has quickly become an unavoidable topic. Businesses are beginning to see sustainability as the new frontier of innovation, with technological advances leading to reshaping industries. Through innovative technologies and solutions, companies can help accelerate the sustainable transition to achieve their ambitious goals.


Designing A Green Future conference

It is undeniable that sustainable development is a current area that can be discussed day and night, so we had no choice but to roll up our sleeves and organize a conference aimed at sustainable development. We held a one-day conference covering today’s key topics such as green technology, green politics, circular economy, sustainable urban mobility and digitization in agriculture in Zagreb on January 26 at the Wespa Spaces Business & Lounge location.

Lecturers of the conference

The conference was attended by renowned speakers such as the owner of a global AgTech firm, Matija Žulja who opened the program with the theme “Will there be food without digital transformation?”. Invento Capital Partners COO, Ivana Čuljak Frshe held a lecture “Financial instruments and support in the development of innovations in the field of urban mobility” in which she informed the participants about urban mobility programs. Bruno Bajec , Field Product Manager at Dell Technologies participated in an interesting panel discussion on the topic “Smart City – The role of technology in urban development”; and ICT Program Manager at A1 Croatia, Berislav Lastrić.

A Q&A with the conference leader was held by a young entrepreneur, Ana Hrgovčić , who turned her hobby into a business and today successfully runs Biljke.Plants. The biggest environmental project of Večernji list – Resolution Zemlja was presented by its Project Manager Andrej Ribičić , who, as part of the presentation, presented astonishing figures on the amount of waste collected as part of the project. The end of the program ended with the “Future of Energy” panel, which was discussed by Jurica Perko , REA North Business Development Manager; and Goran Krajačić , professor at the Institute for Power Plants, Energy and Environment – FSB Zagreb.

Through lectures, panel discussions and Q&A sessions, lecturers and panelists presented their successful business practices from the industry; discovered relevant trends and shared tips on how we can all contribute to a sustainable future together, through small actions.

The participants, through a one-day, free conference, had the opportunity to educate themselves and raise their awareness in the form of responsible behavior in the field of sustainable development.

Participation in such events is an ideal way to discover the latest technological developments in various industries; discovering trends and current topics in the industry; connecting with like-minded people to expand your social network, deepen your knowledge and understanding of the growing need for a sustainable future.


Until our next green story, green greetings! ?