At the Faculty of Economics in Osijek, 17. march 2023

LEAPin conference in Osijek

LEAP’s conference in Osijek was a real treat for everyone who wanted knowledge about entrepreneurship, technological innovations, career development and business skills, and learning how to develop an idea into a real business venture.

Entrepreneurial icons and professional faces from Osijek transferred their professional knowledge to young people at LEAPin and shared advice on how to win your place under the sun in today’s competitive market.

The conference was opened by our Andrej Hanzir, head of innovation and projects at HUKI , who briefly presented our achievements so far. One of the main speakers at the conference was the CEO of Orca, Srđan Kovačević, who spoke about developing skills for success in entrepreneurship.

“Your talent plays a role in which direction you will go professionally. Effort and training will further show how far you will develop and go.”, marketing and IT faces Damir Podgorski, Karlo Konig and Boris Raus talked about creativity, professional orientation and what the creative process looks like when it is done by professionals.

Ivan Rajković, Filip Novoselnik and Bruno Budimir participated in the panel that dealt with the topic of artificial intelligence and its possible replacement for human work. The panelists concluded that no one expected artificial intelligence to develop to the level it is today and agreed that a person will not be replaced by artificial intelligence, but by a more competent person who knows how to handle AI well.

In her speech, Zrinka Antolović, human resources specialist at Infobip, shared useful tips with the participants about what recruiters look for and look for during job interviews.

“Preparation is everything. You must know information about the company you are applying for, and study the position you are applying for. Practice your personal presentation. And it would even be good if you knew some “insider information”. Before the actual interview, try to go through the whole process with yourself in your head.”, for those who will soon enter the labor market, the independent lecture and advice of an HR professional who comes from one of the most successful Croatian, if not global, companies was very useful.

Social Impact Award workshops

In addition to lectures and panels, at the LEAPin conference we also held two Social Impact Award workshops in cooperation with the Central State Office for Demography and Youth . The first workshop, “Business Planning”, was focused on developing skills in business planning and creating successful strategies for business development, and was led by Milan Peterka, head of the Center for Entrepreneurship. The second workshop, “Generating ideas”, was led by Boris Raus, CEO of Bamboo Lab, and the participants worked on developing creativity and the ability to generate new ideas for successful business.

Where are we traveling next?

Osijek was the BEST! We continue on with Split 31. March, at the Faculty of Economics in Split, and By river 14. April., at the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka.