Stubičke Toplice, a place where a group of 31 participants from 9 countries gathered to take part in a five-day project dedicated to balancing online and offline content for young people . The purpose of the project was to raise awareness about digitization and its impact on young people and organizations that deal with them.

What is it about?

The workshops were designed to give the participants an insight into various digital applications and platforms that they can use in their everyday life, but also in their work with young people. In addition, they got an insight into the positive and negative sides of digitization of work with young people and its impact on young people and the organizations that deal with them. Creativity, interactivity and mutual sharing of experiences and ideas were the focus of these intense and entertaining workshops that were held every day from 9:15 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

But not everything was related to digital technology. One evening was reserved for an intercultural evening where participants from each country had the opportunity to present food, drink and customs specific to their country. A special evening was the “Croatian evening”, where the participants from Croatia designed an educational program and presented specific food and drinks that are characteristic of Croatia.

Participants could:

  • better understand the balance between digital and offline activities,
  • become more competent and have practical tools in your inventory for use with young people,
  • learn in an intercultural environment.


At the end of this five-day project, the participants acquired many new knowledge and skills, and we believe that they feel ready to work with young people in the digital age. This project was not only educational , but also enabled the international exchange of experiences and ideas , and created a new network of experts who will work together for a better future for young people .


The project is implemented within the Erasmus + program co-financed by the European Union and which supports the development of knowledge and skills in the fields of education, training, youth and sports. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of the Croatian Office for Creativity and Innovation.

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