At HUKI we love to study and travel.

When we combine the two, and the first TEDxLjubljana after 2019 is held in Ljubljana, it is logical that the HUKI team of TEDxZagreb will go to support their colleagues!

Last Saturday, Andrej, Blanka and Sara visited the one-day TEDxLjubljana conference, which this year was entitled #PogumPrevlada . In translation, this would mean that courage prevails, and the event that took place in the industrial district and in the Litostroj hall located on the outskirts of Ljubljana exceeded all expectations.

The program is diverse, and the focus of the audience is on the speakers

A total of 11 speakers (Nik Škrlec, Marko Knez, Natalija Spark, Samo Rovan, Luka Planinc, Aleš Vičič, Polona Šafarič Tepeš, Špela Peternel, Andrijana Bergant, Lohi Ruth Omo-Ezomo, Ksenija Benedetti) performed in front of almost six hundred participants and TEDx enthusiasts. ), and the program was led by the famous Slovenian host Klara Eva Kukovičič .

Among the classic TEDx speeches, surprise guests appeared on stage – young musicians, acrobats and dancers and the jazz band Chaves. Nevertheless, the audience listened with great focus to ideas worth spreading, prepared by perfectly trained speakers, whose speeches lasted an average of 15 minutes.

We also met the organizers

The first TEDxLjubljana took place in 2009. years as a relatively small event. His popularity grew, as did the audience’s appetite for ideas worth spreading, so over the years they grew as a team and decided to organize a conference at the famous Cankarjev dom. After that, it was quite clear that they are known as the most recognizable TEDx event in Slovenia, and during 13 years of operation they gathered more than 160 speakers and more than 1.5 mil. review of their speeches.

We had the opportunity to meet the initiator of the initiative and licensee Greg Čufer , and he briefly described to us what it is like to reorganize an event of this magnitude after the pandemic. Thanks for everything, Grega! See you again for sure 🙂

Below is the gallery where we captured some moments of the TEDxLjubljana event and we definitely recommend you visit it at the first opportunity. Of course, stay with us because information about 12 is coming soon. TEDxZagrebu!