Our HUKI members recently had the opportunity to visit Madrid in Spain as part of a two-day international meeting as part of the recently launched ERASMUS + strategic partnership project called NGO Village .

About the project

The NGO Village project is implemented in cooperation with partners Acción Social por la Juventud from Spain, Enjoy Sicily from Italy and POPEDU from Austria, and aims to help non-profit organizations across Europe in the process of digitizing their own business.

Through the development of manuals for the use of digital tools and the adoption of digital skills and competencies, but also the implementation of a series of interactive webinars, the project partners will bring the world of the digital revolution closer to non-profit organizations . This will increase the ability of organizations and their employees, volunteers and associates to create the desired impact on their target audience.

Meeting in Madrid

At the two-day meeting in Madrid, the partners worked through a series of brainstorming sessions on a detailed plan and program of the project and on the best possible solutions for the implementation of project activities. The meeting was also a great opportunity to exchange experiences of non-profit organizations dealing mainly with young people and international projects . Through informal activities, the network of HUKI international partners has become even larger for several quality organizations and individuals, and we have no doubt that this will be reflected in further activities within NGO Village and other European projects in which we participate.

What awaits us next?

Over the next few months, the partners will work on creating a guide for digital transformation of non-profit organizations, and at the next transnational meeting in Vienna in October, interactive and educational videos will be created to complement the guide’s content.

If you want to become part of the story of the NGO Village project, feel free to contact us at eu@huki.hr to stay in touch and share the results of the project with you and your organization.