Tea Blažun

Passionate young girl @ HUKI

Pproject leader of Innovation Academy is a young bold girl from Zagreb, Croatia. Tea had the idea to connect high-school students from the Balkans so she formed her team and started working on the project. The project envisions Balkans of the future. That is, the center of entrepreneurship, innovations, particular from the STEM area. Through Innovation Academy her long-term vision is to improve education system in Croatia.

For her HUKI is a movement that will create a better life in Croatia. “Educated people, educated work force brings a bright future. For me, that bright future is not only the economy but the relations in a nation. HUKI has to bring that to Croatia and the world”.

When she is not working at HUKI she is either hanging out with friends or walking with her dogs. Yup, she has a lot of dogs, four. Besides studying on Faculty of Economics and Business her hobbies are learning German, volunteering at Economics Clinics and sports.