Karla Katanec

#KKstyle – HUKIs best kept secret

Karla is part of the marketing team at HUKI.
She is currently graduating from the Faculty of Economics and Business. “One of my wishes is to enroll Bocconi in Italy to broaden my knowledge abroad” she recently said.

New aspects on economics and emerging business trends are her intersts. “Working at an institution which uses a different approach to business like HUKI helps me to broaden my views. Furthermore, it helps me to expand my already expressed creativity and understanding of business in general.”

Karla - delegates favourite @ LEAP Summit
Karla – delegates favourite @ LEAP Summit

Moreover, Karla thinks it is of great importance to have a global perspective with the rising globalization trend. That’s the reason why she visited almost every continent and has lots of international experience. Familiarizing with other cultures is her thing, but what she loves even more is introducing others to Croatian culture.

She started collecting work experience when she was 15,  finished music school and still plays piano, volunteered in several associations, tried many sport activites, did debate, sang in a choir, wrote for a magazine, finished different courses from Luxury managment to International Tourism Academy, speaks three languages Рbut she is still best known at HUKI for the official hashtag named after her: #KKstyle.