Helena Bedeković

Finance Manager @ HUKI

Helena is finance manager at HUKI. She is managing budget of the most important project of HUKI – LEAP Summit. 

She is also Member of the Board and Finance Manager at Economic clinic, an NGO for business consulting. She is interested in corporate finance, leadership and international business. Last year she realized that she wanted to help and teach society how to solve the most challenging social and economic problems, so it could progress to a better future.

She is fully motivated and ambitious individual who takes pleasure in working with different people in order to expand her horizon and reach her full potential. In her free time, she enjoys hanging with her friends, learning foreign languages, long walks with her dog Ben and reading and learning about new stuff she could do. Besides of that, she is a travel addict and her goal is to travel the world before she gets too old to do it. She is a huge dog lover and is totally addicted to chocolate.

She strongly belives that people should always follow their dreams and never stop breaking the limits of what others think it’s impossible. HUKI is there to light that spark in people.