Andrej Kajganić

Head of Marketing @ HUKI

Andrej is currently the head of marketing at HUKI. He graduated Marketing at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business in 2016.
He was the Marketing Manager of LEAP Summit 2016 and is AIESEC Alumni.

“Marketing is my love since the day I saw the first commercial on TV. but as I have grown up digital is the thing now.”

In addition to marketing, Andrej is very interested in education and the trends in EdTech. One of the people he admires the most in life is his high school physics teacher. She has taught him that fact knowledge is a good but understanding is the thing that will bring you forward.

A very optimistic person that always looks for the positive side in people (and the world in general) is really passionate about sports. “Sports is the only thing that can bring me to madness…Oh, that and a warm beer.” He is also know as the fun guy @ HUKI.

Meetings can be a little rougs @ HUKI
       Meetings can be a little rough @ HUKI