O Digital Yin-Yang projektu

Grupa od 31 sudionika iz 9 država okupila se u prekrasnim Stubičkim Toplicama kako bi sudjelovala u petodnevnom Digital Yin-Yang Erasmus+ projektu posvećenom balansiranju online i offline sadržaja za mlade. Ova intenzivna i zabavna iskustvena radionica imala je sve: digitalne aplikacije, platforme, pozitivne i negativne strane digitalizacije rada s mladima, interkulturalne večeri i još mnogo toga!

Svaki dan su sudionici otkrivali nove digitalne alate koji će im pomoći u svakodnevnom životu i radu s mladima. Kroz kreativnost, interaktivnost i međusobno dijeljenje iskustava, izgradili su svoj arsenal vještina i kompetencija za rad s mladima u digitalnom dobu. Osim toga, imali su priliku učiti u multikulturalnom okruženju, razmjenjujući ideje i običaje iz svojih država.

Nakon pet dana intenzivnih aktivnosti, sudionici su postali stručnjaci u ravnoteži između digitalnog i offline svijeta, opremljeni praktičnim alatima za rad s mladima. Ovaj projekt nije samo pružio edukaciju, već je i stvorio međunarodnu mrežu stručnjaka koji će zajedno graditi bolju budućnost za mlade.

A nakon što je sve završilo, preostaje nam čuti što naši sudionici misle o Digital Yin-Yang projektu.

Testimonialsi sudionika

I’ve learned how to cooperate better, be more of an active listener, merge well with people with different cultural backgrounds, how to use digital tools in my everyday life and during my youth work.
Vasiliki M.


I’m deeply thankful to both Blanka, Marcus, and Pavel (and all HUKI team!) for the fantastic opportunity to be part of the Digital Yin-Yang Training Course. It was incredibly impactful to work with such a diverse group of dynamic, engaged, and inspiring people. Nowadays, it is crucial to find an outstanding balance between digital and offline activities, blended approaches, new media, and youth trends, so I thank you, once again, for the possibility to learn how one can use digital and offline youth tools, both in professional and personal settings. I’m looking forward to the next training course, count me in!
Marina P.


This training course was an amazing experience for me. I learned a lot about different digital tools and now I can use them in my daily life, at the same time I explored the Croatian traditions and unique culture. Not to forget the fact that I met so many amazing people who became part of my life. I’m so grateful for this project. It gave me so much and I can’t wait for the next one!
Violeta G.


The Digital yin-yang project in Croatia was my first training program by Erasmus and it has set the bar high for other projects. The facilitators were amazing in conducting activities in big groups. Moreover, I enjoyed the fair play between the guided activities and the group activities where there was total freedom of creativity to express themselves. The organization committee was very supportive of answers and responding to any questions. The stay at the location was really enjoyable not at a professional level but also a personal one where the activities like intercultural night and creation night with games made the highlight of the training course. I am really happy with my decision to apply. 
Akansha A.


I am glad to be part of the Digital Yin-Yang program, though it’s my first Youth Erasmus so far. I reckon those 5 days spent with different people including the trainers and organizers, were remarkable, no doubt about that. I like the positive vibes that everyone has, sharing different experiences and cultures, and also trying some Croatian delight. As far as concerned about the project, we have learned a lot of new tools and things that can be useful to spread awareness among youth and create more opportunities in society. Dialog, discussions, games, it’s a full surprise package.
Udbhav S.


During my participation in the Erasmus youth project “Digital ying-yang in youth work,” I had a remarkable experience that broadened my perspective on the intersection of digital technology and youth work. I enjoyed learning about other cultures and sharing our experiences and knowledge. Throughout the project, I had the opportunity to participate in various activities, including training, workshops, peer learning, and the exchange of good practices. The project’s methodology provided an excellent opportunity for me to enhance my digital skills and competencies while promoting creativity and innovation in youth work practices. I gained new insights and perspectives on how to use digital tools effectively to engage and support young people’s personal and social development. Overall, my participation in the project “Digital ying-yang in youth work” was a valuable and relevant experience that broadened my horizons and equipped me with new skills and knowledge.
Mahmud M.


Digital Yin-Yang was the first Erasmus+ project I’ve ever been on and it was such an amazing 11/10 experience that now I’m afraid to apply for another one because I don’t think that there will ever be a better one. I didn’t know what to expect but yet I was impressed by everything. The trainers were amazing, very empathetic towards the group, always smiling and finding ways to joke around and make us laugh. We had several outdoor activities which were amazing. They did an amazing job helping us learn each other’s names on the first day. Within just a week, the entire group became very close. Some people who have been on more than 5 projects until now said that this has been their top favorite. I’m happy that I got to talk to so many different people from different cultures, I learned a lot of new things and I think that I made several friendships that could last forever.
Stefaniya I.


This project was really an unforgettable experience, where I learned a lot of new things, but also met an incredible group of young inspiring people who made this experience even more complete. I learned how to make a balance between the offline and online worlds, which is really important to know how to do it. We were also learning about a lot of interesting digital tools that can help us make our life easier. The whole training course was very well organized and productive, I enjoyed every second. Thank you for this opportunity.
Dika Š.


Participating in the Digital Ying Yang project in Stubičke Toplice was an exceptional experience. The project was executed flawlessly and the organization was perfect in every way. The team responsible for coordinating the event did an excellent job of ensuring that everything ran smoothly. The project was a fantastic experience, and the perfect organization made it even more enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this project to anyone looking for a well-executed and well-organized event that delivers on its promises.
Ema M.


Shortly, the training course was very fruitful thanks to the trainers. The hands-on exercises were particularly useful for me. I got to try out a bunch of different digital tools, and by the end of the week, I felt so much more confident about incorporating them into my work with young people. I can’t wait to see the impact that these new tools will have! I have to give a shoutout to the trainers separately – Marcus and Pavel – they were so knowledgeable and supportive throughout the training course. They were always happy to answer questions and give feedback, which helped me to get a deeper understanding of how to use digital tools in youth work.
Gasim K.


Thanks one more time for the training course and all the love, and hard work, you put into it. It was really well structured and organized. I’m glad I was part of it! 🙂
Tânia V.


The week-long program brought together a diverse group of individuals from different countries and backgrounds. We engaged in a series of workshops, lectures, and discussions that explored the importance of balancing online and offline activities in our personal and professional lives. We learned about the benefits and drawbacks of being constantly connected to the digital world and the impact it has on our mental health, productivity, and relationships. We also explored strategies for finding a healthy balance between the two worlds, and how to develop healthy habits that support our well-being. The program was not just about theory; we also had plenty of opportunities to put our learnings into practice. We participated in outdoor activities, energizers, and games, which helped us disconnect from our devices and connect with each other on a deeper level. Overall, the ERASMUS+ program was an enriching and transformative experience. It allowed me to reflect on my relationship with technology and gave me the tools to develop a more balanced and healthy approach to both online and offline activities. Thank you to the organizers and my fellow participants for making this an unforgettable experience.
Kenan J.


During the activities, we learned a lot about the role of digital tools and social media in today’s world, the current trends, and also the risks of media consumption. We were introduced to many useful websites, platforms, and other tools that are useful for people involved in NGOs or project management, and we also had a chance to present tools we find handy and relevant. One of our tasks was to come up with a project idea connected to an important issue from our country, present it, and plan its implementation. We had a chance to learn about all participating countries during the intercultural evenings, and we also had time to hang out with each other and have fun. It was a great training course thanks to which I gained new knowledge and useful skills, and met many amazing people. I really enjoyed this experience and I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate!
Emma S.


It was a really great experience and I learned a lot about other cultures, which digital tools I can use, and how the Erasmus+ project works. Furthermore, I could improve my English and I will definitely use my knowledge for my youth work.
Laux P.



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