„Little act, true change“ je međunarodni projekt o poduzetništvu sufinanciran od strane Europske Unije u okviru Erasmus+ programa, a koji uključuje dvije razmjene mladih.

Prva razmjena mladih provedena je  u Hrvatskoj, a druga u Gruziji. Ukupno je sudjelovalo 60 mladih osoba od 18 do 30 godina iz sljedećih zemalja i organizacija:


Sudeći po dojmovima naših sudionika, sa zadovoljstvom možemo reći da je projekt uspješno završio. Njihove dojmove i komentare pročitajte u nastavku.

Dojmovi sudionika projekta “Little act, true change”

  • “It was my first project, and it went great. I learned a lot of new things about social entrepreneurship, what it is made of, and how one could start one. I also learned how to come up with new ideas, think thoroughly, and work efficiently as a team. Furthermore, it helped me a lot with my confidence, speaking, and presenting in front of others. I gained a lot in just a few days.”, Bibiána K.


  • “I participated in this project only in Georgia. It was a very memorable experience. I recall a few tasks focused on job interviews and maintaining eye contact, as well as meetings with social entrepreneurs. Additionally, the food was great. I remember Nana, a very kind and smart girl.”, Nestani T.


  • “At first, I thought I would feel lost because the project’s theme was unfamiliar to me, and I didn’t have much knowledge in that area. However, the project was so well executed that it made everyone relate and see opportunities for entrepreneurship in their own lives. The most valuable part for me was when they taught us how to create a project and a social enterprise, as that aligns with my future goals in my country. Moreover, they helped us realize how easy it is to come up with good ideas and transform bad ones into promising ones. Now, I have already documented a part of my future project and gained the knowledge to establish or improve social enterprises in my city.”, Sofia T.


  • “Both the projects in Croatia and Georgia were amazing! They provided an excellent opportunity to immerse myself in the local culture and connect with like-minded individuals from around the world. Participating in this youth exchange was truly a memorable experience. The projects were well-organized and struck a perfect balance between work, learning, cultural integration, and fun. The visits to local social enterprises were particularly outstanding. We had the privilege of interacting directly with local social entrepreneurs, an opportunity that would have been otherwise inaccessible. I am grateful to Erasmus+ and all the organizers involved. I highly recommend anyone seeking personal growth and expanded horizons apply for these projects in the future. Cheers!”, Raja B.


  • “The project has provided me with valuable insight into the world of entrepreneurship. I learned about the practical aspects of starting a business, such as planning, utilizing the Business Model Canvas and Ikigai frameworks, pitching, conducting interviews, and transforming ordinary ideas into profitable entrepreneurial ventures. This knowledge has been instrumental in acquainting me with the process of business creation. Additionally, the project in Croatia and Georgia equipped me with competencies in entrepreneurship, digital skills, multilingualism, social awareness, and cultural awareness. I firmly believe that these competencies will have a positive impact on both my professional and personal growth. Ultimately, the knowledge and experience gained from these projects will enable me to contribute towards raising awareness among youth in my home country and beyond.”, Nika K.


  • “This being my first Erasmus Plus project, it has truly set the bar high, exceptionally high. I had an incredible time immersing myself in the world of entrepreneurship, and getting the opportunity to meet local entrepreneurs was the perfect finishing touch.”, Himanshu A.


  • “It was great. I am happy I could come. This project changed my life. Thanks!”, Martin M.


  • “I would like to express my gratitude for the unique project experience that you provided. There are several reasons why this project stands out. Firstly, the knowledge imparted during the project was invaluable. The lessons and insights shared by Nana, Blanka, Mirko, and the organizations have been incredibly beneficial even beyond the duration of the project. I have been able to apply this knowledge and share it with others, including at my university, on social media, and within local communities. It has been a pleasure to pass on the entrepreneurship fundamentals that I learned from this project. Secondly, the participants of the project were truly remarkable. I had the privilege of interacting with kind and intelligent individuals who provided me with invaluable life wisdom. The most significant takeaway for me was the understanding that “Teamwork makes dream work,” which perfectly aligns with the values of responsibility embodied by the Erasmus+ motto, “Opening minds. Changing lives.” Thank you sincerely for providing me with such a meaningful experience.”, Mykhailo D.


  • “First and foremost, I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent organization of the project and the dedicated individuals involved in its creation. From my perspective, everything was well-planned and executed flawlessly. The activities were conducted efficiently and adhered to the established schedule. Furthermore, the accommodation and food provided were exceptional. Participating in this project has allowed me to enhance my critical thinking skills significantly. I have also gained valuable knowledge on how to improve my CV and learned essential skills for starting my own business. Additionally, the opportunity to understand how businesses operate in different countries has been incredibly insightful. Given my positive experience, I would gladly participate in similar projects organized by this team in the future. Furthermore, I would enthusiastically recommend their projects to my friends and peers.”, Tea M.


  • “The experience was truly amazing, and I had the opportunity to meet wonderful individuals who taught me a great deal. Not only did I learn about Ikigai and how to write a compelling motivation letter, but I also gained valuable insights into being a participant in a large group. The project significantly improved my public speaking skills, which will undoubtedly benefit me in the future.”, Jessica G.


  • “I loved the project. I feel like it was well organized and I loved to meet everyone. The project helped me get a better view of my future and helped me develop my communication skills in English.”, Ines M.


  • Little act true change project was one of the best experiences of all the projects I’ve been to. I also think that Rustavi was the perfect place and I’m very grateful that I was able to meet local culture and all the people that participated in the project.”, Ivana K.


  • This European mobility has been very enriching for my life. Although I only participated in the second leg of the project, I had the opportunity to meet great people and facilitators, as well as gain very deep insight about entrepreneurship, and how I can develop it in my favor.
    I would also like to add the special relevance of my participation, as I am currently unemployed; thus I believe being able to attend the project has capacitated me in a way that will allow me an easier reintegration in the labor market.”, Luís P.


  • Amazing!”, Vanya C.


  • “This education and training was extremely useful. I learned a lot from other participants, and the organization of all days was good. The skills and knowledge I gained on this project will be useful in my future career.”, Vinko C.


  • It was an incredible project! Full of young people willing to know and learn more about entrepreneurship and life in general, with a lot of sharing and team spirit. I take from this project the companionship and the importance of being more tolerant and understanding that our experiences and the environment where we find ourselves influence (and a lot) our attitudes.”, Carolina D.


  • “I found the project to be truly unique in every aspect. The organization and structure were impeccable, ensuring that every activity and topic was well-covered. I greatly appreciated the interactive and exploratory nature of the project, as it allowed for a deep level of engagement. The non-formal education methods employed were highly effective in facilitating learning. Through this project, I gained invaluable insights not only into entrepreneurship but also into interpersonal relationships, teamwork, and self-discovery. I learned about the challenges involved in starting a business and the mindset required to overcome fears and difficulties. This knowledge extends beyond the realm of entrepreneurship and has practical applications in everyday life. Overall, I am immensely grateful for the knowledge and experiences gained from this project, which has broadened my perspective and equipped me with skills applicable to various aspects of life.”, Solomiia H.


  • It was an amazing experience with people from various backgrounds in a single place for 10 days. I was able to learn about the basics of entrepreneurship and social business. Made good contacts in a similar field. I would appreciate the efforts of the organization and the facilitator Nana. Overall it was a safe learning environment we experienced and tried Georgian food and culture.”, Prateek P.





Projekt se provodi u okviru Erasmus+ programa koji sufinancira Europska unija te koji podržava razvoj znanja i vještina u područjima edukacije, treninga, mladih i sporta. Sadržaj ove objave isključiva je odgovornost Hrvatskog ureda za kreativnost i inovacije. Više o programu može se pročitati ovdje: https://ampeu.hr/erasmus