Croatian Office for Creativity and Innovation (HUKI)

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– HUKI –

Croatian Office for Creativity and Innovation (HUKI) is a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting entrepreneurial culture and education about creative and innovative approaches for solving real-world challenges in local communities.

HUKI is organizing various projects, conferences, workshops, and activities connected to innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

HUKI has more than 10 various projects connected to innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.
With our projects, we are directly influencing more than 50,000 people. Indirectly, we are reaching millions of people.
Through workshops and conferences we are educating more than 10,000 people every year - from high school students to C-level executives.


LEAP Summit is a 3 day conference, which gathers more than 3,000 changemakers from more than 30 countries who are leaders in their respective communities. The main focus of the conference is on themes connected to innovation, IT and modern technologies, entrepreneurship, career development and life-changing stories. LEAP Summit brings people from all over the world at one place to learn together in order to solve most pressing challenges of our time.

  • 3,000+ Participants From 35+ Countries
  • 100+ Speakers Every Year
  • Five conferences under one LEAP Summit
  • Paralell Sessions
  • Awesome non-formal and networking program
  • Open mic session, Break the Ice Networking, B2B meetings

LEAPin’s are one-day conferences organized in more than 80 cities around the globe. LEAPin conference brings LEAP spirit into specific local communities. These conferences are being organized by our partners.

It was a great honor to organize LEAPin Vienna. We have gathered more than 200 young people who were discussing entrepreneurship and were listening successful entrepreneurs who shared with participants their journey.

LEAP Community consists of LEAP Summit participants, LEAPin participants and organizers, more than 100 sponsors and partners, over 500 speakers and experts and many other organizations and various stakeholders. This community gathers young people who are making positive changes in their local surroundings.

Innovation Academy is an exclusive program for the most talented high school students. It consists of Winter Academy, Summer Academy, and Innovation Academy Conference. At Innovation Academy high school students can enroll at various specialized programs such as Future Skills Program, IT Genious Program, Social Media Influencer Program, Soft Skills Program, etc.

  • Winter and Summer Edition
  • The Biggest Conference for High-School Students in Croatia
  • Specialized Programs
  • Top Lecturers
  • Innovation Academy Meetups
  • The community of Future Leaders

Innovation Academy Programs are a life-changing experience for high school students. They learn about relevant skills which they will need in order to become leaders of tomorrow. In order to keep the spark in participants during the year, we are organizing meetups on various specialized topics to provoke critical thinking, creativity, and passion.

At Innovation Academy we were learning about digital skills. It was very interactive and I have learned a lot of new things and meet many new friends.

Innovation Academy Conference is the biggest conference for high-school students in Croatia. It is held once a year and it gathers forward-thinking young people who want to learn how to create better tomorrow.

Our Team-Leads

Katarina Guja
Head of Finance

Katarina is expert for EU funds and finance. She is managing finance in HUKI ensuring that budget of every project is under control.

Iva Fabris
Project Manager

Iva is a project manager at Innovation Academy project. She thinks that every high-school student deserves a superior education.  

Josip Golub
Project Manager

Josip is managing projects connected to blockchain, fintech, and exponential technologies. He is passionate about new technologies that will change the world as we know it today.

Andrej Hanzir
Project Manager

Andrej is managing various projects such as LEAP Summit, Adriatic Innovation Island, Project Management Academy, etc. He is passionate about social innovation.


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